Nadia Nakai was given an extra cold reception by viewers after her #CastleLiteUnlocks performance failed to impress both concertgoers and fans on social media

When we think of South Africa’s top female rappers right now, Nadia Nakai is almost always in the conversation.

Her status is indisputable, but her skills have been called into question a number of times – most recently on Monday night following her 30-minute set on day one of #CastleLiteUnlocks.

It was a day for celebrating all things street culture as hip-hop heads flocked to the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg for the seventh annual Castle Lite Unlocks concert. Mzansi hip-hop is no longer a boys club and along with Rouge, Gigi Lamayne and Moozlie, Nadia Nakai was keen to remind people why she’s one of Mzansi’s most talked-about rappers.

Unfortunately, “most talked about” does not necessarily equate to “most talented” and after giving fans an admittedly sexy performance, fans came after the Family Tree rapper for lacking substance in her music.

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Instead, once her performance drew to a close, many accused her of using her body, her twerking skills and just about everything but her rap skills in order to maintain relevance.

Many took exception to Nadia’s extremely revealing outfit which showed off a lot of her backside and thigh region while hugging her upper body extremely tightly.

Warning, strong language and graphic images ahead:


This isn’t the first time that Nadia Nakai’s rapping skills (and indeed her outfit choices) have drawn criticism

After she took to the stage on Monday night the backlash reached breaking point as Bragga found herself trending for all the wrong reasons.

It wasn’t all hate though; some commentators have questioned why Nadia (and other female musicians) are so harshly slated for deciding to show off their bodies but men tend to walk away with a free pass for performing topless at the same types of show.

Others pointed out how we don’t treat international stars as harshly for donning similar attire to what Nadia wore:

It seems as if the criticism of Nadia’s wardrobe would be less extreme if fans were happy with the music that was on offer. Judging from the reaction to her #CastleLiteUnlocks performance, this doesn’t seem to be the case right now.

With her debut studio album, aptly titled Nadia Naked releasing in 10 days (at the time of writing) Nadia could have done without the negative press she received on Monday night.

Do you think that criticism of Nadia’s performance and outfit choice was fair?