Bella Hadid has apologised after being accused of ‘racism’ over a controversial airport photo

The 22-year-old model sparked a backlash after she posted a photo from an airport with her feet propped up against the window of a viewing area, pointed in the direction of planes with the UAE and Saudi Arabia flags on them.

Bella – whose father Mohamed Hadid is Palestinian – took to her Instagram Stories to clarify that she “would never mean to disrespect” the airlines or the countries.

She said: “Not only do I have so much respect from the bottom of my heart, I have always tried to stand up for what I feel is right, especially regarding the great Middle East. I have never and will never be the one to talk down on these countries…

“Only to spread love, and the true beauty of them, as the way I was taught by my Teta and my father. To feel as if I have disappointed you is what hurts me the most.”

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In another post, the Victoria’s Secret beauty shared a “sincere apology” after explaining that she hadn’t noticed the planes in the background

She added: “I want to send a sincere apology to those who ever thought I would put blame on them, especially to Saudi Arabia and the UAE…

“This was never the case, and I hope you can understand the misunderstanding.

“I will be more responsible when bringing awareness to all causes, including my beloved Middle Eastern community. Thank you for taking the time. I love every single one of you.”

Bella also took to Twitter to reiterate her statement and described the incident as an “honest mistake”.

She tweeted: “This was an honest mistake on an early morning… never, ever would I intentionally try to offend anyone like that. I am so sorry.”

Author: BANG Showbiz