Processed meats can be a confusing foodstuff. They are affordable, and seem to be a decent source of protein. They are also tasty, and convenient…

The question is, what are they REALLY, and should you – someone who is aiming for weight loss and overall health – be eating them?

Here are some things to consider to help you make your decision:

1.     What are processed meats?

‘Processed meat’ is a wide-ranging term used to describe any meat-related product that has been smoked, cured, salted or preserved. Processed meats can be blended from various animal sources, or a single cut, polony is an example of the former, and biltong an example of the latter. Biltong is far healthier than polony, but also far more expensive.

So when it comes to balancing your diet, and looking at healthy, affordable protein sources, rather look at alternative protein sources like beans, grains, chicken, and sustainably sourced fish.

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Tuck into a few slices of biltong as a treat on weekends, or have some together with a small portion of nuts as a high-protein snack during the day.  Just remember, the calorie count of nuts is very high, so make sure you measure them out accurately according to your calorie intake for the day.

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