If there’s anything aspiring DIYers learn fast, it’s that paint gets everywhere. No matter how careful you are, there always seems to be a drip or two of paint that gets onto clothes you didn’t want to stain. Here’s a way to clean your clothes…

Paint can be a tricky item to remove from clothing, as water-soluble paint will only spread if you scrub at it.

The trick, if you catch it while still wet, is to use a bit of surgical spirits or rubbing alcohol instead of water.

Douse the stain heavily in surgical spirits, and let it penetrate a minute or two. Then rub it lightly with a cloth to remove as much of the pigment as possible. Launder immediately.

If you are unlucky enough to only spot the stain after it’s dried, grab an old razor instead. Use it lightly on the fabric, the way you do for lint removal. This should lift off most of the dried paint skin. Then use the trick above to remove the last traces.

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While care and attention while painting is critical, these two steps will help you make the most of a bad situation if you notice paint drips on your clothes.