Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 04:52 pm

Why is it that some women seem to be considered marriage material while others are just the â??date them and move onâ?? type? 

If youâ??re looking for a serious relationship, one that is more than just casual fun, you might want to consider what would make a man think twice about a woman. 

Here are a few things that can set you apart as a keeper:

1. Self respect 

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A man doesnâ??t want to get serious about a woman who takes herself too lightly. Show that you care enough about yourself to stay in shape and maintain a nice appearance.

Itâ??s not as shallow as it sounds â?? it means that you care about yourself and want to make a good impression and that shows that youâ??ll care about him too.

Self respect also extends to your professional ambitions. Showing a desire to achieve your goals and make the most of your life is far more appealing than someone who is content to stay in a dead-end job.

2. Shared values

In order to build a life together, you need to start out on the same page. Men will be more likely to get serious about a woman who (genuinely) shares the same ideologies. Donâ??t ever feign commitment to something he cares about just to impress him â?? if you want the relationship to be real and to last, youâ??ll need to share values for real.

3. Accept him

We all want to feel loved for who we are. If youâ??re willing to accept him and share in his interests, heâ??ll be more likely to want to spend time with you.

4. Shared spirituality

Having the same spiritual beliefs can be crucial to forming a serious relationship. If you are coming from completely opposing directions, youâ??ll have a much harder time forging a lasting bond.

5. Stick but donâ??t suffocate

He wants to know that you want to be with him, but he also doesnâ??t want to feel like youâ??re smothering him in the process. Women who are too needy can be a real turn off.

6. Show your feminine side

Thereâ??s a reason men are attracted to women. They like to see the softer side of you, so you shouldnâ??t shy away from your femininity. Celebrate it!  Heâ??s sure to respond in kind.

7. Home cooking

It sounds like a cliché, but by taking the time to make him a home cooked meal, youâ??re showing just how much you care and thatâ??s bound to make a lasting impression. If you’re a disaster in the kitchen, find another way to show him that you would be good at making a home together.

8. Random acts of kindness

The way you treat other people will give him a good indication of how youâ??ll treat him.  Be polite, courteous and caring and youâ??ll send out all sorts of positive signals. Surprising him with a thoughtful gesture every now and then is a huge bonus.

9. Self improvement

If you are constantly trying to work on ways to improve yourself and move ahead in life, heâ??ll be more likely to want to share that life. Thereâ??s always room for improvement and taking a pro-active approach is a sign of real strength.

Note â?? this doesnâ??t mean that you have to change for him. Self improvement is about making changes for the better for yourself.

10. Sex appeal
Donâ??t be afraid to embrace your sexual side.  A lasting relationship canâ??t be all about work, so let him know that there can be a little fun in the mix too and heâ??ll definitely appreciate it.
If you want him to see you as more than just a one-time fling, you need to think about the signals youâ??re sending. Think about the big picture and you can let him know that youâ??re worth considering for the long haul.