Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 04:52 pm

We all do stupid things to try to make a good impression on the opposite sex, but here are a few you can do away with…

Since the beginning of time, men have been working hard to impress women and women have been trying equally hard to attract men. While men often go overboard in their attempts to impress, women are better known for the small, silly things we do.

One silly way in which women try to attract men is by dieting

Sure, the looks of the opposite sex do matter to both men and women alike, but if he isnâ??t attracted to you in the beginning, chances are losing a few kilograms wonâ??t make a huge difference to how he sees you. Besides, you should always make such changes for yourself, not the man.

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There is also little more offputting to a man than a woman who is uptight about what she eats on a date. Obviously everyone has personal tastes, but men tend to find it offputting if a woman orders a small salad for dinner and then pushes it around the plate. Be health conscious, but enjoy your food.

Wearing skimpy clothing is another way to attract a man

While this may not seem silly, it can be if the reason for doing so is purely physical. Attraction should be both physical and emotional and concentrating strictly on the physical can send out the wrong message. Dress too sexy, and sometimes people will assume you have nothing else to offer.

Men can get the wrong idea if you dress provocatively, and you donâ??t want the way you look to distract a potential date from your sparkling personality and witty conversation. A good rule of thumb is emphasise one body part you’re proud of â?? your legs, your cleavage or your toned arms â?? and leave the rest to the imagination. You will still look and feel sexy, but without going overboard.

Changing yourself to suit him

Altering your personality, interests or goals to fit a manâ??s preferences is another very silly way in which women sometimes try to attract men. If he doesnâ??t like you for who you are, or have the same ideals as you, then perhaps itâ??s time to move onto someone else who will.

Besides, itâ??s hard to keep up the charade for long and heâ??ll eventually figure out the behaviour you are exhibiting is not typical for you. This could even backfire as soon as he realises this.

Furthermore, one of the greatest joys of falling in love is that feeling of being accepted and adored for who you are â?? how can you really enjoy this if heâ??s fallen for a fraud?

Wearing your hair a certain way so heâ??ll like it

A lot of men like long hair. Women know this and will often choose to let theirs grow out in an attempt to impress a man. This may remind some readers of the film, The Ugly Truth, in which the gorgeous Katherine Heigl gets hair extensions to impress a guy. Meanwhile, her friend and advisor, who knows what her real hair looks like, falls in love with her anyway.

Moral of the story: if you prefer long hair, then let it grow out. If not, choose the style that best fits you and go with that. Some women look incredibly striking with short hair â?? it all depends on what suits your face shape and your neck. Wear your hair in a style that suits you and youâ??ll not only look good, but youâ??ll feel more confident too.

Relationships are difficult enough without each party trying to impress the other. Instead of doing silly things to impress, concentrate on getting to know him and showing him the woman you really are; after all, this is what will attract him to you in the end.