Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 04:52 pm

Tired of the boring dinner and a movie combo? Revitalise your relationship with these fun date ideas, no bank breaking involved!

So youâ??ve been together for a while and well, quite frankly, your dates have become more drab than fab! Yes, we know that the economy has taken a turn for the worse and everything is just so expensive (blah blah), but getting stuck in a relationship rut is never fun.

Try these 10 ideas!

1. Be amused

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Amusement parks are an excellent option if you are looking for a fun date idea. Unleash your inner child and enjoy a full dayâ??s activity, often for less than the price of a fancy dinner!

This is a date that offers something for everyone, whether you enjoy the thrill of rollercoaster rides, shows or simply exploring, youâ??re sure to find an activity that suits your tastes. Gold Reef City and Ratanga Junction are excellent homegrown options.

2. Play miniature golf

This fun activity gives couples the opportunity to relax and enjoy the game while keeping some friendly competition alive.

Adventure Golf has options in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, and with three games per ticket redeemable for 12 months, itâ??s a cost effective option too.

3. Visit a video game arcade

These places are filled with all of the latest video games as well as a few old fashioned ones that will remind you of your youth. Just grab some tokens and stay entertained for hours.

You and your date can either complete directly in two-player games or work as a team in other games.

4. Keep it in the community

If you have planned your all-day date for a Saturday, then you will be able to find plenty of fun things to do. Check out your newspaper for flea markets, garage sales and other community events that cost nothing to attend.

You may even find some really great deals on fun and unusual items. See if there are any concerts or plays at local parks, or take in a fun workshop with activities you both enjoy.

5. Pack a picnic

Take a drive in the country, and find a nice place to go for a leisurely walk through the woods, or along a sandy beach. If youâ??re closer to the city, a botanical garden offers a wonderful backdrop.

Prepare a fun lunch that you and your date can enjoy on a picnic. Make tasty sandwiches, cupcakes and all kinds of other delicious treats that the two of you can eat just about anywhere. Donâ??t forget to pack a Frisbee or ball to keep you entertained.

6. Exercise your grey matter

Pub quiz nights allow you a chance to enjoy delicious hearty, well-priced, pub fare while you work with your team to answer as many general knowledge questions as possible, often with hilarious results! Prizes often include drinks and bar tabs â?? score! Check with your favourite local pub when their quiz night is.

7. Go dancing

Many clubs waive the cover charge if you get there early, so head out for some cocktail sundowners and get ready to dance the night away. FTV Cafes and Café Vacca Matta have excellent finger food menus if youâ??re feeling a bit peckish.

8. Laugh a little

Participating in an improvisation class can be another fun date idea. Many comedy clubs offer these classes during the day. In the class you will be challenged to participate in several games that force you to think on your feet with hilarious consequences. Alternatively visit a comedy club at night and enjoy a laughter-filled evening.

9. Unleash your inner child

Visiting a local playground is another fun date idea. Many adults havenâ??t been to a playground since they were children and a nostalgic trip can help you to feel young again. Racing each other up the slide and seeing who can swing higher on the swings are fun ways to keep things lighthearted with your partner.

10. Get sporty

Playing a sport such as tennis or soccer is another fun date idea. Bowling or shooting pool are also good options. The physical activity of this date will draw you and your partner closer together.

You will also enjoy the thrill of competition as each of you strives to win the game. Spice things up and let the winner decide exactly what he/she wants the loser to do!
Yes, itâ??s important to place a high value on your relationship and treasure your partner, but after having a thousand 5-star dinners, even the most refined palate craves a sandwich! Fancy dinners and trips to the theatre are nice but they donâ??t really allow the couple just to relax and have fun together, and isnâ??t that what Date Night is all about?