Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 04:53 pm

All the signs are definitely there, or is he just not interested?

You have a black belt in flirting and every now and again when Prince Charming does gallop into your life, it doesnâ??t take too long to strike up a good rapport with him.

But what makes him different from the creeps that stalk you constantly is the fact that he seems worth the effort.

He is smart, funny, well built, has a face chiselled straight out of a romance novel and basically all the features that you look for.

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The only problem is, even though you seemed to have hit it off with him, he has not asked you out once.

What are you doing or not doing that is preventing this?

I might get kicked out of the menâ??s club for telling you this, but truth be told, the problem is almost certainly with him and not with you – let me explain.

Unlike Johnny stalker who will shamelessly harass you four times even before breakfast, our hero has something working for him, but also ultimately against him in life, his ego.

Most men have grown up with the belief that they must know everything, fix anything, be good at a lot of things and, if needed in a time of crisis, they must build you a washing machine out of toothpicks.

If men are not doing something, it is because they choose not to do it. This mindset keeps them from making mistakes and keeps their self esteem intact by doing only things they know how to do. Imagine the horror if he does finally ask you out and you say no, sorry, but you have to braid your hair that day.

In his mind this would be an epic failure and if his family or friends found out he did not succeed in something, they might banish him to a leper colony at the South Pole. So to be safe he avoids setting himself up for a bout of freezing with the penguins, by simply not asking.

There are a few things you can do to help though

Another thing most well-mannered men will consider first before asking you out is whether you are available or not. This was the big eureka moment Mark Zuckerberg had before launching Facebook, the missing ingredient so to speak – relationship status.

At the age of three, men already know which finger is their ring finger. And from hiring Magnum PI to passing notes in the back of biology class, men have always wanted to know who is involved with whom. If he is interested, chances are he has already checked out your Facebook status, so keep it truthfully updated.

If the online thing is not for you, or you are not friends on Facebook, make sure he knows you are single, but do it subtly. Do not get on scaffolding at the nearest construction site and shout out that you are looking for a good man in your life – this will just make you sound desperate and you will probably attract some more creeps.

If all else fails, there is one more thing to do, ask him out!

If his name is not David Berkowitz I can promise you that he will not think anything funny about it. In fact he will probably be relieved. Not too long ago the idea of women asking men out might have seemed inappropriate, but according to a womenâ??s website, â??now we can add asking men out to the list of things we’re â??expectedâ?? to do.â?

And I see nothing wrong with that, if you find that jerks hit on you all the time, why not ask that guy out and swing the balance back in your favour?