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You’re hanging out together when suddenly, and for no apparent reason, he ups and leaves. You feel that itâ??s most likely something you did that made him go. However, when you ask him about it later, he says it has nothing to do with you.
So how do you deal with him when he acts this way? No matter how much he rants and raves, don’t lose your cool. It doesn’t help matters if both of you participate in a shouting match. Try to stay cool, calm, and collected during this dry spell.
Ask him what’s wrong

This should always be your first response. If he tells you, then he’s willing to be open and allow you to help him with whatever is bothering him. If he wonâ??t say, and tells you it has nothing to do with you, back away and give him his space.
Give him space as long as he needs it

Sometimes a few hours or a few days are all it takes. Don’t take it personally if he continues to ignore you – remember that this is his problem, not yours. You’re there and offering to help him, but you can’t take the problem from him, and you can’t help him if he doesn’t allow you to.

Don’t press his friends for information either to see if they know what’s up
Understand that very often, people have no idea what it is that is bothering them, so naturally it is impossible for them to tell you something they do not know themselves.

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Break the silence by throwing your arms around him and holding him close to you

Tell him that you care even if he doesn’t want to talk, that you will still care and be there for him if he changes his mind.
Let him know if it’s getting to be too much

Escalate your attempts to break through if this behaviour continues despite your efforts. Tell him his behaviour is confusing and demoralizing to you, and you are approaching the end of your ability to deal with his issues. If he hurts you emotionally by pushing you away, don’t take it out on yourself – and it certainly wonâ??t help to make him out a monster to your friends.
Don’t sentence yourself to a life of misery in which you never know what’s on your guy’s mind and can’t depend on him to be there for you at some point â?? relationships should be a two-way street
Get counselling

It may be that your partner has a clinical mood disorder. If you can get him into a counselling situation, help will be close at hand. He may be suffering from a condition that could be treated.
Leave the relationship

If you experience any violence or other physical abuse, it is imperative that you leave the situation. Abuse can be a classic way of establishing control and dominance. If you don’t like who you have to be when you’re with him, or if you find the relationship just too draining – it’s not a good match.  It doesnâ??t, however, make him a bad person.
Remember that love hurts sometimes. It’s up to you to decide if it works the way you want it to. You can’t force your partner to be a certain way or treat you in a certain way.

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