Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 04:53 pm

Why do some women find it hard to make a great first impression?

You were out on an amazing date, you had your best make-up on, no spinach got stuck between your teeth, you laughed at all his lame jokes and if not for the weird conversation about how your spaniel drowned when you were five and gave you an incurable phobia of small ponds, the evening would have been perfect.

Or so you thought.

It has been a week and you have not heard from him again since the obligatory â??had a nice evening, home safely, sleep tightâ? SMS.

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Where did it all go wrong?

First dates are like job interviews in many ways. No one goes as themselves; we rather send the best representation of ourselves to go in our place instead.

We concentrate so much on making a good impression that we forget that a few mistakes can ruin what could be the start of a great relationship.

Remember he is already interested, that is why he asked you out, so forget about trying to impress him and rather look out for these pitfalls when going on your next date. You might find that you were guilty of one or more on your last!

Shave the armpit hair

It is a biological evolutionary fact that men are visually stimulated creatures.

While they might not notice a few fashion mistakes, they will notice if you look like a gangrenous wound that made no effort at all.

Let him be in charge
A manâ??s ego is extremely important to him. Stroke this by letting him be in control of the eveningâ??s events. Let him be the man and plan everything to please you.

Do not insist on paying for your own meal, offer if you want to, but do not insist, men see this as a sign that you are not interested. Remember he is trying to impress you as well and that is far more important to him than spending a few extra bucks.

On the other hand if you end up with a man who is dependent on you planning every single step, maybe missing out on that second date isnâ??t so bad after all.

No ex talk

If your ex did not die heroically in a blaze of fire on the 33rd floor whilst saving a few puppies, then most of us do not have positive things to say about our old relationships anyway. So why bring them up?

Talking about your ex shows that he is still on your mind and that, to a man, means competition. Early on, most men do not want to compete.

Do you want some cheese with that whine?

First dates should be about fun, so leave the complaining and moaning about every single thing in the world and in your life at the door.

If he sticks around there will be plenty of time for that later on.

Leave your phone in your bag

Constantly checking for messages or talking on your phone is not only rude, it also shows a lack of interest. Remember the ego thing; men want to feel like you are giving them 100% attention.

If you must check your phone, at least wait until he goes to the bathroom before you whip it out your bag.


Leave the family planning for at least the 9th date

Talking about your biological clock and the small marching band you have planned for a family will make him run.

Most men do want children one day, but talking about that on the first date is like giving an infant single malt whiskey, it is a shock to the system.

Do not be sexually aggressive

That might sound contradictory to what you think men want, but do not introduce intimacy too early.

Men are hunters and as soon as they feel they have accomplished something they move on.

They are also very driven to prove power to themselves by what or whom they have conquered. Besides, the more a man invests in something, the more he values it.

Remember these few tips but most of all have fun; first dates should be about new experiences and not about expectations.