Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 04:53 pm

Here are a few things to look out for when you’re looking for a life partner…

Casual dating can be lots of fun, but there comes a time when most women are ready for something more. Figuring out whether a guy has the potential to be a good husband and father can be tricky, but there are a few things to look for which set some guys apart from the pack.

Is he someone you can rely on?

While having a great sense of humour and a good personality can be attractive, when youâ??re looking for a possible mate you need to delve a little deeper.

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In order to make a commitment as serious as marriage and parenthood, a guy has to have a sense of responsibility and a level head. You need to feel that heâ??s someone you can count on even when times get tough.

Do you trust each other?

A good marriage is based on trust, so if you donâ??t feel like you can trust him; chances are you wonâ??t be happy with him as a mate. He has to respect you enough to trust you at even the most intimate level and you need to let him know that the feeling is mutual. Trust has to be a two way street in order for it to work.

Can he work with you as a team?

A successful marriage takes hard work on both sides. You and your husband should be equal partners, so you need to find someone willing to work with you.

He needs to have enough confidenceto not feel threatened by becoming part of a team. If he’s the kind of guy who has no problem mucking in with housework and chores, you might just have a keeper!

Do you like him, as well as love him?

You want to marry the person you love, but you also have to like the person you marry. The idea of marrying your best friend is not just a cliché. This should be the literal truth. The person you marry should be someone to whom you feel connected on every level and with whom you can build mutual respect.

If you canâ??t form a friendship first, youâ??re not likely to have a successful marriage.

And building that relationship together is essential before you can even think of becoming parents. If you donâ??t have a solid foundation of trust, respect, commitment and love then youâ??ll be hard pressed to set a good example for your children.

The kind of person you can make a serious commitment to is someone who is willing to listen, willing to work hard and strong enough for you to lean on.


Can he provide for all your needs?

Husbands and fathers are traditionally thought of as providers, but that doesnâ??t just mean financially. He needs to be the kind of man who can provide emotional and intellectual stability, to help create a loving and trusting environment for you and the family you build together.

There is no such thing as the perfect man and you shouldnâ??t be looking for him. Nor should you take an â??imperfectâ?? specimen and try to change him into what you want.

To find someone who is suited to being a husband and father, you need to find someone whom you can love as he is and who will love you in return.

If you can find that balance, then youâ??ll know you have the right guy.