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Taking his financial situation into consideration does not make you a gold digger.

Many women, whether they care to admit it or not, have, or would like to marry a man who is flush with cash. Who wouldn’t want a nice home, a luxury car, being able to afford the best medical aid and private education for your kids?

Money can’t buy love, I agree, but it sure does buy a big chunk of peace of mind. In today’s hectic world I kind of lean toward being in favour of the latter.
We all want the fairytale, but I mean, really, how realistic is it? We all watch romantic comedies and think ‘aaah I would love that’ (Especially if it is Gerhard Butler in the lead – yum!)

I am a woman, just like you, and I would love some crazily perfect happily ever after. But I will not entertain the thought of being with a man who is happy to settle for mediocrity, no matter how hot or awesome he is! Don’t get me wrong, I do not expect him to have the goal of being the next Donald Trump or Bill Gates but I do expect a certain amount of ambition. Men define themselves, by who they are, what they do and … how much money they make.
Author of Act like a lady, Think like a man (one of my best books), Steve Harvey says: “Once we’ve claimed you, and you’ve returned the honour, we’re going to start bringing home the bacon. Simply put, a man who loves you will bring that money home to make sure that you and the kids have all that you need. That is our role â?? our purpose. … That is the very core of our manhood â?? to be the provider.”
Love is a wonderful thing but it does not pay the bills. This is not to say that I think women should stay at home or shop all day while their men are out earning all the money. No, definitely not. Times have changed and it is very important for women to have goals and to earn their own money too.

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But why oh why would any woman settle for less than they deserve? A man must be able to take care of his woman – bottom line.
Financial stress is one of the biggest reasons for divorce. So why marry someone who is happy earning a ‘starter salary’ for the rest of his life? That doesn’t say much about how he sees himself, does it?

When you get married, you are a team. A team doesn’t win with only one person putting in all the effort. I want a team player and that does not make me a gold digger at all. It makes me a woman who knows what she wants, who is willing to work for it and expects the same from the man in her life.
I do not think it is too much to ask to want love AND financial stability. Do you?