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Dating can be a bit of a mine field. Youâ??re constantly trying to figure out where things are leading and what should be your next step.

But there are some subtle indicators which can let you know that a guy really is into you and youâ??re not just setting yourself up for disappointment.

Not all the signs will be obvious

The important thing to remember is that not all of the signs will be big and showy. Donâ??t expect flowers and soppy texts all the time. Most guys will be uncomfortable with these overt signs of emotional attachment, but that doesnâ??t mean they donâ??t care.

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They could be sending you very strong signs of interest, but just be doing so in a much more subtle way.

Here are some things to look out for that could indicate his genuine interest.

He pays attention to you

Of course, the most obvious indicator is that heâ??s paying attention to you. If he calls for no real reason, just to say hello and see how youâ??re doing or if he goes out of his way to spend time with you, thatâ??s a pretty good sign that heâ??s interested.

He wouldnâ??t bother making time for you if he didnâ??t genuinely want to be with you, just make sure you donâ??t respond by smothering him.

He introduces you to his friends

Another way he can express interest is by introducing you to his friends. This says that he not only wants to spend time with you, but wants other people in his life to get to know you too, a good sign that he wants you in the future.

And if he also shows interest in meeting your friends as well, thatâ??s even better. It shows heâ??s making a real effort to keep things mutual and not close you out.

His body language is positive

His body language when heâ??s around you can let you know that heâ??s feeling attracted too. Maintaining eye contact, sitting close to you, facing you and paying attention when you talk are all positive signs that he is interested and is opening himself to you emotionally.

If he edges away from you when you talk or refuses to make eye contact, you might want to ask yourself if heâ??s just looking for a way out.

He listens to you

Listening to you and touching you are other positive indicators. Being a good listener means that heâ??s truly open to hearing what you have to say.

And brushing your arm while heâ??s talking or holding your hand from time to time is his way of saying he likes being close to you and he has genuine affection for you.


He takes an interest in things that are important to you
Another way that he can show heâ??s into you is by taking an interest in whatever youâ??re interested in. Even if he couldn’t care less about spinning class, book club or that latest tearjerker movie, if he makes an effort to seem interested because he knows something is important to you, thatâ??s saying that you are important to him.
While most women have that romantic notion of the knight in shining armour sweeping them off their feet, the reality is much more simple.

Donâ??t expect the grand gesture, but learn to recognise and appreciate the little moments that can happen when you least expect it. These subtle reactions can be your best sign of smooth sailing through that dating mine field!

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