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Skolopad’s music career has not taken off like she wanted it and the delays are making her feel depressed

The singer took to Instagram recently to ask for help with publishing one of her songs.  

“Can someone help me release this song. I don’t wanna drop it On/for Free download like I did to my others songs,” she wrote.

Her fans told her that the song was a hit and they would love to download it.

Skolopad says it’s frustrating not being able to release her music.

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Many, including popular entertainment vlogger Owami Hlongwane, saw the post as a cry for help and worried that Skolopad might become the industry’s next suicide victim

Owami went to her YouTube channel to beg celebrities to help Skolopad get her music career off the ground.

She used Nichume Siwundla as an example of how South Africans only love stars when they are dead instead of helping them while they are alive.

Nichume died last week after allegedly committing suicide.  



Skolopad, who has been open in the past about her battle with depression, was sent screenshots of the vlogger’s video from worried followers.

“Truth hurts… When people want more of you and you are not given that opportunity it leads to #depression. They use power to oppress, lest we hope big brands are not the contributor,” she wrote.

One day before reaching out to her fans about how she could publish her music, Skolopad said that she was feeling down.

“#IWasHappyUntil I became #Skolopad now I have haters and enemies.”

She wrote in another post: “#LoveWithSkolopad Your biggest fan is a stranger, Your biggest hater is someone you know. Give value to the stranger – they will make you rich.”

Skolopad had a mental breakdown in 2018 and was rushed to hospital after she overdosed on anti-anxiety pills

“When I got home, I took some pills. Mostly anti-anxiety pills. It’s pills I usually take when I am angry and need to calm down, so I took a couple of them. I feel like I need to rest for a long time… even if it’s forever,” she told TshisaLIVE in an interview at the time.


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Can Someone help me release this song 🙏I don’t wanna drop it On/for Free download like I did to my others song’s.😔

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#IWasHappyUntil I became #Skolopad now I have haters and enemies🤷‍♀️

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