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So many men, so little time, takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to online dating.

At present South Africa’s biggest online dating sites offer a database of over 500 000 members and a lot more than half of them are men!
And these numbers are expected to grow rapidly once real ‘bandwidth’ comes to South Africa before the end of this month.
Real bandwidth means much faster and cheaper connection to the Internet which will make online dating web sites easier to visit and explore.

Joining DatingSA is free

All you need to do is to go online to and complete a “profile” that tells other people about you.
Once you have joined, you can do searches to find the sort of person you are looking for. And, of course, other people can see your profile.
It is only when you want to send a message to someone (or reply to a message) that you need to subscribe. And even that is not expensive.

Celebration Discount

To celebrate the arrival of the Seacom Undersea Cable that will provide faster Internet, DatingSA is offering All4Women singles a special offer – a 20% discount to those who join and susbcribe  between now and July 15.
Prices (including the discount) range from an under R50 three day introduction to an under R100 for a full month. Use the discount code SADATING .
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Online dating points to ponder:

  • Meeting people online, and getting to know them first, is SO MUCH SAFER that meeting strangers in a pub.

  • You have a vast range of men to choose from – more than 300 000. Compare this to the number of people (mainly married) you may meet at the local birdwatching or hiking club.

  • You decide which ones to interact with. Either by sending them messages, or by only responding to messages from the ones you like the sound of.

  • The role of the Internet is growing and growing. More and more marriages (and friendships) from initially meeting on the Internet. And online dating is now really starting to take off in South Africa.

Go find that special person you are looking for :-). We are rooting for you.
Join the fun:

The discount code is SADATING

Why not forward this page to your single friends. They ARE allowed to benefit from the discount if you forward this page and the discount code to them.