Is Keanu Reeves the perfect gentleman or is he a little odd?

The John Wick actor has been thrust into the spotlight with a spate of new movies, and it’s safe to say that fans around the world love him!

As female fans do, whenever they see the brooding actor, they ask the star for an autograph or if they’re lucky, a selfie

But it’s these very selfies which have now gone viral and the reason behind it is somewhat bizarre!

A shy Keanu snaps pics with fans as he awkwardly stands alongside them – his hands hanging in mid-air. He’s even done this with fellow stars too!

It almost looks as though he is deliberately trying NOT to touch them.

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Which begs the question, is he a germaphobe or is he just being respectful of everyone’s personal space.

Next time you spot Keanu Reeves, please ask him!