Around the world in 80 days, camping on a cliff, a slow food safari in the Galapagos, and tracking lions on foot…

These are just some of the incredible travel options now offered by Airbnb’s latest innovation, Airbnb Adventures which, for the first time, includes lodging, meals, and activities.

Airbnb Adventures is an expansion of Airbnb Experiences that includes the incredible opportunity for daring guests to channel their inner Phileas Fogg and travel Around the World in 80 Days. This epic voyage across six continents joins other Adventures now available to book through hosts on Airbnb ranging from tracking lions on foot with Sabache Warriors in Kenya to hunting for UFOs with Nate in Arizona.

Add these to your bucket list

Airbnb Adventures is a new collection of bucket list worthy multi-day experiences hosted by local experts that take intimate groups to epic, off-the-beaten-path locations and immerses them in unique cultures and communities. You can now enjoy a six-day Galapagos Slow Food Safari, experience the wonders of Oman or camp on a cliff in Colorado – all you have to do is show up.

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US-540783 (Photo by Mason Trinca)

Over 200 Adventures available around the world

The breadth of Airbnb Adventures reaches far beyond the challenging to match every passion and skill level. Across each corner of the world, these 200+ Adventures range from cliff camping to kayaking to cultural immersions. They are hosted by experienced locals who have fascinating stories to share, and because they always take place in intimate groups, guests can look to learn, make personal connections, seek challenges and grow.


  • 200+ available globally at launch, with many more to be added before the end of the year
  • All Adventures are in small groups with a maximum capacity of 12 guests or less
  • Median price of an Adventure is $588 (around R8 700) for a three-day trip
  • Hosts offer Adventures under a range of budgets from $79 (R1 170) for an overnight trip up to $5000 (R74 200) for once-in-a-lifetime 10-day treks*
  • Adventures covers a wide breadth of activity ranging from active to foodie, farming to camping, music to animals – always with a strong element of local community
  • The Around the World in 80 Days Adventure will be available to book from June 20th, from London to London departing September 1, 2019

*Hosts are the providers of Adventures: they arrange their own Adventure, control when and where they host, the itinerary, where they stay, what services they offer, and what they charge. Flights not included.

US-540783 (Photo by Mason Trinca)

Airbnb Adventures at a glance:

  • Track lions on foot with Warriors
  • Trek deep into the Amazon Jungle
  • Cowboy life in the American Wild West
  • Dana to Petra Trek
  • Paranormal tour of the US Southwest
  • Camp on the side of a cliff in Colorado
  • Swedish Islands culinary kayaking trip
  • Musical camping in the California desert
  • 7 Days accessible experience Rapa Nui
  • Hiking the world’s most silent place
  • Farm stay in Indiana Amish country
  • Searching for sasquatch in Washington
  • Experience the Natural Wonders of Oman


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