Hang on a bit, you might be thinking: what’s wrong with conventional cosmetics?

It’s no secret that many brands and companies in the beauty industry have met their fair share of controversy due to unethical and environmentally irresponsible practices.

What can you do about it?

One way that customers can contribute to a more positive change in the industry, is by supporting brands that value ethical practices from their suppliers and use as many natural ingredients in their products as possible. Woolworths W.Beauty range prides itself on being vegan-friendly. Thanks to Woolworths’ Good Business Journey programme, the brand has become one of the most sustainable retailers in South Africa.

And, their beauty range is no different in that the ingredients and suppliers used to create the cosmetics are all in support of animal welfare and ethical trade and production.

What are the benefits of buying vegan beauty products?

Well, if you have sensitive skin, you’ll have far less to worry about.

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Vegan makeup is made up of less ingredients that are less likely to cause acne rashes and dry out skin.

And of course, the major benefit is better-looking skin: because the ingredients are all-natural, they hydrate the skin, reduce the appearance of ageing and help with uneven skin tones. The products are high-quality, last longer and better for the environment, so when it comes to W. BEAUTY, when you buy better, you’ll feel – and look – better.

What’s makes W.Beauty different?

All W.BEAUTY products are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC), an animal rights organisation that’s dedicated to educating consumers about the exploitation, abuse and harm done to animals when cosmetics are tested. BWC’s aim is to not only help find and promote more humane alternative forms of testing, but to also advocate for veganism as a compassionate, more conscious way of living.

For instance, the products in W.BEAUTY’s collaborative line with world-renowned makeup artist, Sir John, are 100% vegan. This means they’re free from animal-derived ingredients commonly used in beauty products like lanolin, carmine, collagen, royal jelly, beeswax, milk, silk powder and hyaluronic acid.

As many of the ingredients as possible are locally sourced through ethical processes and conditions and Woolworths aims to give back and empower the communities they source from as much as possible too.

The W.BEAUTY makeup collection – including the exclusive collaboration with Sir John – is exclusively available at selected Woolworths stores and can also be purchased on the Woolworths website and app.

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