It’s a fact: Sun damage doesn’t discriminate between seasons

Temperatures are plunging, heaters are burning, and hot chocolate is flying off the shelves.

Winter is well and truly here…

…and, by now you’ve probably noticed a difference in your skin – how that beautiful, summer glow has been replaced by dull, lacklustre skin, complete with flakiness!

As you dash off to the store to stock up on all things hydrating and illuminating to try and save your complexion, you might be forgiven for leaving SPF off your list. After all, you are less likely to burn under the ‘weak’ winter sun… right?

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If you can see the sun, the sun can see you

Sun damage doesn’t discriminate between seasons and doesn’t just happen during the summer months or while at the beach.

Photo damage or UV exposure (which causes ageing) can occur from exposure to daylight through clouds, rain, glass and even fluorescent indoor lighting. This is why protecting the skin every day is imperative – and sunscreen a must – even when the temperatures drop!

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Enter prisma protect SPF30…

… Dermalogica’s new master multitasker!

Its advanced formula does more than simply defend skin against UV light, but actually uses it to the skin’s advantage: light-activated intelligent technology converts visible light into increased skin luminosity for a truly natural glow.

Meanwhile, breakthrough antioxidant technology helps protect skin against free radicals and the brown haze of pollution (which is always worse in winter) – and advanced moisture magnets deliver all-day hydration for smooth, radiant skin.

Did you know that roughly 90% of photo ageing is preventable by wearing SPF daily?

Key ingredients and benefits:

Prisma protect SPF30 works with skin’s daytime defence mode to provide Broad Spectrum SPF30 protection, boost skin’s natural luminosity and deliver lasting hydration.

  • Intelligent technology is activated by visible light to help boost skin’s natural radiance
  • Plant-derived advanced moisture magnets connect with skin’s surface layers – providing all-day hydration for visibly smooth skin
  • Matcha Tea (Camellia sinensis) from Japan provides 100 times more polyphenols than traditional green tea, along with exceptional antioxidant protection, helping to defend skin against pollution
  • A bio-ferment from Sage boosts radiance and promotes even skin tone

Hello, glow

Being a mom of two littlelies means I’m often stretched for time and money – which is why Dermalogica’s prisma protect SPF30 is my new, favourite SPF!

Its multitasking nature means that my money goes further, and my skincare routine is simpler…

Instead of paying for three separate products to moisturise, defend and boost my skin – prisma protect SPF30 boasts all of this and more in one tube!

I’ve been applying it daily for the last month, after cleansing and toning, and can definitely notice how it’s brightened my dull, winter-looking skin. I take great comfort in the fact that while it’s making my skin look pretty, it’s also protecting my skin against the ‘nasties’ it has to fight off while I go about my busy day!

It’s super light in texture, is absorbed easily and leaves you with slightest citrusy scent. Because it’s not greasy or sticky; it doubles up as the perfect primer to wear under your foundation – giving you that truly natural glow that we could all definitely use more of during the cold, winter months. Plus, its small enough to pop into your handbag!

Good to know: Prisma protect SPF30 comes in a 50 ml tube (R1 099) and 12 ml (R449) travel size. Find it at authorised Dermalogica skincare centres, concept stores and at

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