“We believe in the good things in life… health, joy, family and of course this beautiful country of ours called South Africa,” says The Munching Mongoose.

The entrepreneurs behind the Munching Mongoose which opened at 27 Boxes in Melville in Johannesburg at the beginning of May decided to take all of the preconceived ideas about ‘crime’ in South Africa and throw them out the window.

“We had a vision of walking down the street, passing your friendly neighbour’s homes, and there you would find a bucket labelled ‘avos for R10’.  Next to the bucket filled with delicious ripe avos is a small tin – lift the lid, pop in R10 and take your avo.  That is the reality in a number of countries around the world, so why not us we thought?”

The store opened – unstaffed and with an honesty box payment system. That’s right, the shop is open and stocked with some amazing products from incredible South African artisans and small scale producers, but there are no staff in the shop at all. Customers are able to select the items that they want and pay via dropping cash in the “honesty box” or using SnapScan… and then leave. Simple!

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What about the risks?

Despite the risk of the store being a complete failure, and all the produce being stolen, the entrepreneurs boldly stepped out. “We believed that we could also be blown away by the true honest nature of South Africans and this would be a catalyst towards something brilliant and ground-breaking, both locally and around the world.”


They were not disappointed

“We WERE BLOWN AWAY – South Africans are amazing! In one full month of operation, the only blip was that someone entered the shop, picked a R80 jar of jam and dropped R10 into the box.  We would like to believe they paid all that they had at the time rather than steal it outright. They offered a small token in the true spirit of uBuntu and we are more than ok with that!”

The shop will run for another few weeks throughout June, so if you’re in the area of 27 Boxes, go check it out.



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A lovely farm with a lovely lady. Our awesome and wonderful Gracious, time and time again proves to be so much more than just a member of our Mongaggle. Gracious is one of the kindest most amazing human beings. She will always go above and beyond for other people. There is always a laugh and a smile and a positive outlook. Gracious and her husband Milton (Also part of our team) stay on the beautiful @helloganico farm where the Munching Mongoose calls home. They do not sit idle, and continuously look for ways to move forward. Farming is where they now pour any extra energy and they have partnered with the guys on the farm to grow more produce, some of which has already, and will continue, to find it’s way into your MM boxes. Thank you Gracious. You are a shining light and an inspiration to all of us. Go you good thing! #HappyMunching #munchingmongoose #farmlife #farming #organic #growyourown #moveforward #lovelife #teamwork #mongaggle #positivevibes #goodtimes #food

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