Leather couches add some luxury to your lounge, and they will certainly outlast other furniture options, but they can be finicky to keep looking good. Here are our tips to help…

General care

Leather needs regular care if you want to keep it supple, robust and looking good. Be sure to set aside some time each year to apply a leather treatment. These oils or waxes need to be rubbed into the couch: allow them to penetrate for a period of time, and then buff away the excess.

Most oils work too, but steer away from food oils that can go rancid after a time.

Be sure to keep your couch out of direct sunlight to preserve its colour too. You can use a moisturising soap (like Dove) to clean general grime and grunge, or invest in slipcovers.

Buff out scratches:

If you notice a scratch on your leather, don’t panic! Simply grab a matching shoe polish colour and gently buff in… your couch will be looking great again in no time.

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A little care and attention will keep your leather upholstery looking great for years to come.