Fish is a tasty, healthy food that few of us eat enough of,  partly because cooking fish steaks or medallions can be quite a hassle as the delicate flaky flesh is prone to sticking…

The same fragile, tender flesh that makes a well-cooked portion of delicious fish is the problem for most healthier cooking methods. It’s easy for it to get stuck to the grill or braai if you aren’t poaching or using a lot of oil. Here are two classic ways to avoid this:

Wrap it up in tinfoil

Make a ‘pocket’ of fish, a little oil or butter, and any veggies/herbs you’d like in tinfoil. This can be placed on the grill or braai and flipped regularly. Cooking fish this way keeps it tender and succulent, allowing the natural juices to aid the cooking process.

Batter it… with mayo

Don’t worry, no laborious battering is actually needed! Simply smear both sides in mayonnaise to get the same effect. This will allow you to place the fish directly on the grill or in a braai grid to cook on a low heat. A natural ‘batter’ will form, and your fish will stay tender and tasty. This is the perfect way to create a firmer fish steak for burgers or serving with sides.

Add a little of the health benefits of fish to your diet today. It couldn’t be easier!

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