Zodwa Wabantu may have passionately denied getting plastic surgery on her face, but she admits that she has had breast augmentation done and has zero regrets about it

The Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored star is never shy to open up about her personal life and it came as no surprise when she revealed she had gone under the knife to fill out her breasts.

In a candid interview with Tshisa Live, the dancer revealed that while she had no intention of modifying her face, she was open to the idea of “fixing” the rest of her body.

She specifically revealed that she had had some work done on her breasts in recent weeks in order to stay “fresh” for her fans.

Considering that her provocative style of dancing catapulted her to fame, keeping her body in the best shape possible (through physical or cosmetic means!) is a priority for her.

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The star admitted to taking on breast fillers when she said to the digital publication, “I love myself, I want people to understand that… But I have the money now to ensure that I stay fresh. I did have some breast fillers put in, it’s not like a boob job per se, but yeah, I have fillers in my breasts. My fans will see that on my reality show soon.”

When asked if this is because she was unhappy with her body, Zodwa claimed that her motivation was quite the opposite

Because she loves her body, the star feels as if she needs to ‘invest’ in it.

She said, “I am not actually changing myself but just making what I have already, be the best it can be. My skin must look its best and because I work hard, I don’t have as much time to ensure I get things like enough sleep or drink enough water and stuff.

“So I go for these procedures to make up for that. It’s the same with my hairline and like the vitamin injections I get for fatigue.”

Zodwa is not the first celebrity to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to maintain a banging body

Mshoza and Khanyi Mbau have made headlines over the years for opting to surgically alter their bodies.

More recently, it has been widely speculated that Boity has undergone breast and tummy surgery in order to keep her perfect body intact.


If you had money like Zodwa Wabantu, Khanyi Mbau and other celebrities, would you consider having your body surgically altered?