Khloé released a stinging response to claims that her relationship with Tristan Thompson started off as just an affair…

…while Tristan was supposedly in a relationship with pregnant model Jordan Craig.

Sorry sis, but who are you fooling?

Along with scores of fans, I think this is a WEAK, pathetic and hypocritical attempt to cover your tracks

Read her full statement below:

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Khloé hopped on IG to clear her name after all the shade she’s been catching lately

Particularly after recent reports revealed that Jordan claimed in court papers that Khloé and Tristan’s romance had given her “serious pregnancy complications”.

In newly unearthed documents, the model shares of Tristan and Khloé’s romance; “Their relationship went viral and everything took a turn for the worst…This brought an enormous amount of negative, unwanted attention and stress into my life.

“And more critically… it brought stress into my pregnancy,” read the documents.

After receiving major criticism, Khloé shared her “truth” with fans, who surprisingly aren’t convinced by her version of events.

Well, neither am I!

I’ll give you several reasons why I don’t buy Khloé’s argument:

First of all, which real friends would set you up with a man whose supposed ‘ex’ is pregnant?

Surely your closest friends have your best interests at heart? They were quick to come to your defence in the whole Jordyn Woods scenario.

Why would they subject you to potential heartbreak with a love-rat like Tristan? Especially given your relationship history…

The timeline just doesn’t add up!

Dates and times don’t lie!

Khloé hooked up with Tristan in August 2016, a mere four months after Jordan fell pregnant!

How was the relationship “long over” when Jordan had just discovered she was pregnant with his child during their TWO-year relationship (and up until then had posted pics of HER and Tristan as a couple on her social media)?


Khloé flaunted her romance, given the sensitive nature of it

Instead of keeping it on the DL, or at least waiting until after Jordan’s baby was born, Khloé made her new romance ‘Instagram official’ and proceeded to post lots of loved-up snaps with her new basketball bae.

She wasn’t sorry then, and she’s not sorry now!

Her “truth” is self-serving and somewhat delusional

Once Tristan broke the news of his ex being pregnant, Khloé didn’t even consider the feelings of a pregnant, highly-emotional woman (note that when Khloé was pregnant, everyone tip-toed around her, not wanting to upset her).

She didn’t even consider the innocent child who would be born into the world in hostile relationships.

If Khloé thought her relationship was serious, then surely her and Jordan’s lives would have crossed paths at some point in the future. Did she think burying her head in the sand would make it all go away?




Isn’t it a tad hypocritical?

When Tristan kissed Jordyn Woods, the best friend of Kylie (Khloé’s younger sister), many believed it was ‘karma’ (funny how her name is also Jordyn!).

Khloé of course, along with her sisters and celeb friends publicly shamed Jordyn for “betraying” her.

It’s no secret that Khloé has burnt a few bridges by hooking up with some of her closest friends’ men too!

She allegedly started dating French Montana when he was still with Trina, one of her close friends at the time. She also supposedly hooked up with Trey Songz, who was then dating Lauren London – who just happened to be Khloé’s bridesmaid at her wedding to Lamar – and now EX friend!

For Khloé to defend her actions and now claim innocence after bashing Jordyn is super hypocritical.


She just wants to be relevant… like her family reality show KUWTK

Isn’t it too convenient that all this break-up drama unfolds while ratings for their reality show go through the roof?

The crying, screeching and attempt-to-play-victim scenes are a bit too rehearsed for me.

Khloé’s “this is my life, not a show” line ‘aint working. Your life as a reality star who lives in the spotlight and makes posts about all the details of her private life, is a joke… and definitely a show!


Her “truth” is nothing but fake news – and her apology is insincere!

Accept some responsibility for your involvement in someone else’s heartbreak.

If Khloé had just come out to say she made ‘mistakes’ in her past (and by this we are not referring to her beautiful baby True – we mean poor choices and not considering other people’s feelings) then we would believe her and respect her for being genuine.

But her half-a**ed apology is beyond transparent! More like, sorry you got caught like a deer in the headlights!


Her “truth” speaks volumes about her character

How do you build your happiness on someone else’s heartbreak?

It’s all fun and games until it happens to you, right, Khloé?