Choosing the paint colour for your bedroom walls is exciting. But there is so much to consider and so many options you could easily get overwhelmed.

Remembering our five easy colour-choosing tips can help you make choices you’ll love for years to come. Making sure your bedroom is a comfortable place you love is the most important thing to consider when decorating.

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1. Forget the trends

When it comes to personal space, it doesn’t get more personal than your bedroom. Go with what you love instead of what is trendy. Trends are exciting for a time, but by their nature, they come and go. Your bedroom should be a comfortable refuge and you should definitely decorate it as such. Skip the trends and go for something you really like instead of whether it’s fashionable or not.

2. Choose colours that make you happy, not excited

Picking the colour scheme for your bedroom can be exciting – the possibilities are endless and your room is going to have a makeover. You might think that going with your favourite colour is a great way to make sure your space is one you love. Sleep psychologists, however, say that excitement isn’t conducive to sleep. Toning down your favourite colour by choosing a shade that’s lighter or creating a pastel version can give you the best of both worlds.

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3. Quality paint is worth it

Your bedroom walls don’t have to withstand steam like your bathroom walls and you’re not as likely to need to wipe gravy splatters off your walls like the kitchen, but quality paint in your bedroom is worth it. Using good paint means your walls will look their best for longer because we all know that painting can be a drag.

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4. Don’t forget your floors and ceiling

Your walls might be the largest surface area in any room, but the floor and ceiling have a big impact on how the room and the walls look. Consider the colours and types of ceilings and floors you have in your bedroom when choosing the colouring of your walls. While the floor and ceiling don’t need to match the walls, you do need to consider other elements of your room and how they will look paired with the wall colour you choose.

5. Get creative about your options

Painting all four walls in one colour is one way to decorate your walls, but it isn’t the only way. Multi-coloured walls are a great way to add personality to your space as are interesting types of wallpaper and textures. Be creative and explore all your options.

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