Whether it’s a bedroom or a living room, if you have a dark and depressing room in your home there are ways to solve this design dilemma…

Paint the light

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to refresh a depressing room.

To maximise the light, you can’t go wrong with bright white walls. However, you may also want to consider warm shades of cream, light yellow or pink to help add warmth to a room that feels cold.

If the furniture in the room is dark, try painting it white or another light, bright shade to help reflect more light.

Mirrors and metallics

You know that mirrors help reflect light, making a room look bigger and brighter so use them.

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You could install a large mirror on one wall, floor to ceiling, create a gallery style feature wall or mirrors or add faux windows with window pane mirrors.

You can also use mirror and metallic finished pieces of furniture and décor to help reflect light.

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Picture something better

Add some cheer to a dull room with art using bright paintings or prints and position lighting to help illuminate artworks to elevate it as a focal point of the room.

Take to the floor

Brighten up a dark and depressing room by throwing down a colourful rug or go a step further and have dark floors replaced with a lighter flooring option.

Switch on

Adding standing or table lamps, wall lights or sconces, will help brighten up the room at night.