With the amount of information out there regarding how to lose weight, you’re guaranteed to find that some totally shameless people have been telling lies to sell products…

This happens in every industry, and the diet industry is no exception. Many diets are sold on fake ‘before and after’ pictures, while others are based on very questionable ‘scientific’ evidence that has been conveniently manipulated to suit the diet creator’s plan.

Here are some diet myths that you can chuck out with this week’s trash.

1.     Eating before bed makes you fat

This one’s been around for years. The idea that eating right before bed makes you fat is an easy one to believe, especially because people will tell you that your body doesn’t do anything when you sleep so the food is all stored as fat.

The truth is that if the calories are a necessary part of your energy requirement for that day, then you WILL use the calories. Or did you think your body stopped using energy when you slept? The real issue with night-time eating is that it is usually not a scheduled meal, but rather a snack that could add many additional and unnecessary calories to your overall daily intake. And extra calories make you fat, no matter when you have them.

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