Idols SA helped Jody Williams’ dreams come true but her newfound fame also ruined her young adult life

Jody, who won season four of the reality show when she was just 17, has quit show business and now works as a receptionist.

The 29-year-old is mom to a three-month-old daughter she named Dakota and lives a “normal” life with her boyfriend Nicholas Ferreira.

Speaking to the Daily Voice, Jody says that she’s never been “happier”.

“I am so happy with what I am doing. Music ruined me as a young adult and I was yearning for stability. I spoke to my family and told them I don’t want to do music anymore.

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“I now do it as a hobby, but I don’t want to sing for a living again.”

Jody says that winning the singing competition in 2007 turned her life upside down – both professionally and personally

She wishes that she had had a life coach and financial advisor when she won the show.

“I think things would have been so much different,” she told the publication.

While Jodie got to travel the world and meet international stars, she says that she was naïve and the child in her “just saw the money and a good life”.

Her father left his job to become her full-time manager after he noticed that she was allegedly being conned by her agents.

But the partnership only created more problems for the star, who says that she was constantly at loggerheads with her dad.

Her music career did not go as planned and Jody struggled financially

“The gigs were drying up, the money was getting little, you know how it goes when a new Idols winner comes along, people stop booking the old Idols,” she says.

She had to sell the house she bought her parents after winning Idols as she could not keep up with the monthly bond payments.

The former singer has spent the past five years working as a receptionist and while people were shocked to see the star sending in her CV for ‘regular’ jobs, she is happy with her current career.

Many of Jody’s followers have applauded her for opening up about her music struggles.

But some have not been so kind.

Jody took to Instagram to share screenshots of some of the comments she has received since sharing her story

“Hahaha, she’s a joke,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Get yourself together, the show didn’t ruin your life. Blame yourself for the decisions you made.”

A third wrote: “BS she can’t blame Idols! It’s like a drug addict blaming her friends for the addiction.”

Jody did not let the comments get her down.

“This is why some are afraid to speak up… The public can be very supportive, yet nasty. They’re human, it’s normal to be this way, but this very thing is what make others silent…

“They’re afraid to speak up… Their image, brand, sponsors, gigs, less fans, money… it’s all at risk… People will always judge, no matter who or what you are. Say your say, because you will be judged anyway.”


Regardless of what people think of her, Jody is living her best life.


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