Have you ever noticed how dusty your cupboard gets?

All of us have taken a ‘perfectly clean’ item from our wardrobe, only to find it dusty, stained and even faded and discoloured. Not any more!

Bag up stored items

Most of us have bedding, towels or other linens stored in the closet. Or even more random junk! Make clean-up easier, and cut down on the dust-holding crevices, by packing everything in zip-up bedding storage bags (or boxes) and packing neatly. Why not take the time to declutter a little too?

Cover rarely worn items

From your Little Black Dress to that special suit jacket, we all have items we don’t wear often. These are dust magnets, as well as risking discolouration at the shoulders from light damage. Rather invest in a dress/suit bag. Many cheap varieties are available. You can even pierce the bottom of a clean black garbage bag and slide it over the hanger to do makeshift duty.

Clean the floor

You probably rarely even remember the wardrobe floor – but it’s a magnet for dust and debris. Be sure to vacuum or brush it out regularly.

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With a cleaner, tidier wardrobe you’ll cut down on dirt, extend the life of your clothes and keep allergies at bay.