Katlego Danke is getting real about misogyny and the effect it has on women

The actress took to Twitter a few days ago to say that she was worried about that many women don’t know how to deal with misogyny.

“Misogyny is real. And it sometimes hides in the most unassuming places. It’s a dark and scary hatred and most women are not well versed on picking it up, let alone how to react to it.

All we have is our anger but that’s not enough. And definitely not effective. It’s worrying,” she tweeted.

One of her followers agreed, adding that some of the “nicest guys” are sometimes the biggest monsters.

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“Some of the ‘nicest guys’ use that image as a cover for the most virulent misogyny. And you’re left shattered, because this ‘gentleman’ is basically a monster,” she tweeted.

Katlego replied that she is concerned about what type of children misogynist men were raising

“Freaks me out. It really does. These people go on to father children. And abuse their wives ‘in nice gentlemanly ways’.

“I’m disturbed by the thought of how many are actually certifiable sociopaths.”