Take the pain out of the stain

Feeling good about yourself, even though it’s wrong to admit it, has a great deal to do with what you are wearing and how you present yourself to the world. It doesn’t matter if you are donning the latest fashion from the runway, or a favourite that has been around for years, it’s about how you feel when you are wearing it.

A stain on your favourite item of clothing is a gasp and roll-your-eyes moment – especially when you know that stain will not come out without a struggle (if at all).

The newly launched Personal Touch Fabric Stain Remover is available in a pre-wash stain remover spray and an in-wash fabric stain remover powder, helping you say goodbye to stubborn stains.

Take the pain out of the stain’s triple action formula protects your clothes’ colours, is free from chlorine and delivers powerful stain penetration while keeping your clothes in good condition with the product’s soft touch innovation formula.

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