Don’t allow the change in weather to affect your workout regime. You can still exercise outdoors during the winter months.

Any form of exercise will help you to burn calories. If you tend to usually engage in exercise when outdoors, do not be afraid to continue to do so during the colder months. Here are some ideas for burning calories when outdoors.

Play with your children

Take your children outdoors for some fun and games. It can be a great way to get your blood pumping and your breathing rate up. There are endless games that you could play, depending of course on the amount of space you have and the activities that you enjoy.

You could for example, play numerous games with a ball. Younger children may enjoy a game of throw and catch whilst older children may enjoy kicking the ball or playing soccer.

If you prefer to go to public areas or use public facilities (as opposed to spending time in your garden) you could take a few friends along and go roller skating or roller blading. You could ride your bicycle or even hire one if you do not have one. Being around other people may give you the motivation or inspiration that you may need to stay active.

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The added benefit of exercising outdoors is that you can get in a dose of vitamin D by spending some time in the sunshine. Remember that the fresh air will also help reduce stress. Lowering stress levels can help to prevent weight gain especially if you usually turn to food for comfort when under stress.

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