If you are an allergy sufferer, or have one in the house, chances are the winter dust is getting to you…

All home textiles attract dirt, pollen and other irritating substances – yet few of us wash bedding and curtains as often as we are supposed to.

If you can’t spare a day to wash and dry your throws, throw pillows, bedding and curtains, try this neat trick instead:

  • Simply toss the articles in the dryer on a low setting. Be sure to add a damp old towel to the mix.
  • Give them a 20-minute tumble, and rehang or replace. The towel helps attract physical debris like cat and dog hair, which will cling to the damp.
  • Meanwhile, the ‘fluffing’ action of the dryer will remove dust and pollen, similar to the way beating a rug does.

While you will still need a good spring clean every three months or so, this neat little trick will help you freshen up your textiles without running a full laundry load, as often as is needed.