Did the kids get some crayon on your favourite surfaces? Or did the latest round of load-shedding add some extra candle wax where you don’t want it? Don’t despair! We’re here with a quick and simple tip to remove unwanted wax…

  • All you need to do is grab some old paper towels, a brown bag (without ink prints) or an absorbent cotton cloth you don’t mind using.
  • Place it over the wax spill.
  • Heat up your iron to a low setting without steam, and swiftly run it over the area.

You may need to repeat several times – err on the side of caution so you don’t burn the absorbent fabric.

The heat will re-melt the wax, lifting the stain into the towel and off of the surface.

Wax can be a tricky substance to remove, but provided you team an absorbent towel with some controlled heat, you should be able to lift it right off.

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