Who said being comfortable had to be drab and unfashionable? We are celebrating comfortable fashion and the endless options to stay on trend while remaining fully in our comfort zones.

From sky-high stilettos to skin-tight denim, fashion is loaded with clothes that can just be plain uncomfortable. Luckily you can comfortably achieve a similar look without the discomfort.

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Heels vs stilts

If you struggle to walk in heels, then you’re better off without them. Stumbling around with your knees bent takes the sublime look of your stilettos fully into the realm of the ridiculous. Block heels and wedges give you the height you want, but also the balance you need.

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Denim vs jeggings

Tight denim isn’t the easiest item of clothing to get into or stay comfortable in for that matter. Thank goodness for jeggings, which, like leggings are very comfortable, but also have the benefit of looking like jeans. The stretchy materials are a lot more forgiving and putting them on is a breeze.

Bare legs vs stockings

Not everyone is comfortable showing off some leg. If a short skirt or shorts are something you can’t live without, but you don’t like how revealing they are, you can try wearing them with stockings or tights. Stockings come in so many different styles and colours, you can easily pull off looking trendy without looking like you have something to hide.

Short shorts vs knee length

If the stockings and shorts look isn’t really you, you could get longer shorts instead. Clam diggers and capri pants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but knee-length shorts are the perfect compromise for someone who isn’t comfortable in mid-thigh shorts or shorter shorts.

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The high-low style

Depending on your body shape, a dress or skirt that is just the right length in the front can be too short in the back. High-low style skirts and dresses are a perfect solution to this problem! Because they are much longer at the back than in the front, they are flattering on most figures and won’t make you feel uncomfortable.