There is so much fashion out there. It changes every season and doesn’t always suit everyone as well as it suits the model in the catalogue!

The truth is, you don’t have to buy into every trend; not only is it expensive, but it also compromises your personal style. We’ve taken inspiration from some of our favourite SA celebs and found five outfits absolutely every woman should own no matter her shape, size or style preference. Do you have all five in your wardrobe?

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A suit

Whether it’s a simple pantsuit, a skirt suit, a dress suit or a glamorous suit, every woman should have at least one suit in her wardrobe. This is your go-to outfit for formal occasions and job interviews. Keeping the suit simple makes it easier to glam-up or tone down depending on the occasion.

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Something EXTRA glamorous

We all need something over the top for occasions where we want to turn heads. From head to toe. this outfit needs to make people wonder if they’ve seen you on TV before.

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Jeans and a t-shirt

Casual denim is a must-have. A simple jeans and t-shirt outfit for lazy weekends and casual Fridays is a necessity.  If you can’t find a pair of jeans you like, consider a denim skirt – with so many shapes and cuts to choose from there is definitely something for everyone in denim. Because this outfit is so simple, it’s really important to choose jeans and a t-shirt that fit you perfectly and flatter your figure.

Something uniquely you

Everyone needs a signature outfit that stands the test of time. This outfit isn’t trendy or fashionable, but because it’s an expression of your unique personal style you can wear it in any season. Put together an outfit you absolutely love and you’ll always have something to wear.

Modern traditional

Traditional attire isn’t just reserved for heritage day and weddings! African print and modernised traditional attire is appropriate for every single day and every single occasion. Find a style, colours and material that suit you and go for it. Outfits that can be taken apart are a great way to incorporate a little afro-glam into many different looks.