If you want to kill off roaches, without using health-harming pesticides, here are three natural ways to rid your home of cockroaches…

The apple juice death trap

Pour apple juice into a few glasses, filling just less than half each glass, and hide the glasses around your home overnight. The cockroaches are attracted to the juice, fall in and drown.

Sticky feet

Stick duct tape around the perimeter of a kitchen sink, exposing as much as the sticky side as possible, and place food waste in the sink to attract the critters. Leave this overnight and in the morning you should find cockroaches and other bugs stuck to the tape.

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If you want to see how these roach killing methods are implemented, watch the informative video below by vlogger Mizta Shy…


Sweet success

Mix equal parts bicarbonate of soda and icing sugar. Place in small bowls and hide them around your home in areas where you have spotted roaches. Leave a few small bowls of plain water nearby too.

Attracted to the sugar, the cockroaches eat the mixture and once they drink water, the bicarb fizzes and releases gas in their stomachs known to kill the critters.

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