This was one test car that was VERY hard to give back. Small, zippy cars that are easy to park and navigate down one-way streets are my favourite – but this one had the power too. (It was slightly tempting to behave like an arrogant drag racer at the robots just knowing you could leave the car next to you in the dust!)

Pure performance

It goes from 0 – 100km/h 4,6 sec – who wouldn’t want this car?

I know that speed limits restrict us to drive responsibly on the roads, so who needs a car that can do 250kms per hour you might ask…

The truth is that power often equals safety on SA roads

Knowing that you have the power to overtake when the driver in front of you is weaving (either from too many after-work drinks or just because they’re on the phone – or even texting) gives a sense of security when you’re behind the wheel of the Golf R.

There’s power and compact design to get out of tight situations quickly – not many hi-jackers can touch the speed and maneuverability of this baby if you need to make a quick getaway, using its seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

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The road holding is superb too: the car sits low on the ground and the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system means it takes corners tightly so less fear of rolling like I sometimes feel in big SUVs with the same sized engine.

Claimed fuel consumption is (combined) 7,2 litres/100km. I mostly travelled around town but did take the car on a 220km round trip on the open road, and my combined consumption was closer to 8 litres/100km, but I was tempted to act like a bit of a racing driver (within the speed limits of course). The Dezzy Raceway is close to my home so taking it around the track would have been fun… maybe one day…

But enough about the engine. I’ll embarrass myself if try to talk about torque because I don’t know enough about it to speak authoritatively, so let’s move on to the features in this luxury VW:

My Indium Grey Metallic Golf R 2.0 TSI DSG® was fitted with a Rear Assist – Rear View Camera – one of my favourite features on the new cars I get to test. It’s really amazing to be able to switch on the engine and a screen displays an image of the road behind you – and even supplies yellow lines to guide you when reversing so that you keep straight, and don’t get dangerously close to any cars or poles. There’s even a Blind Spot Monitor with rear traffic alert so you can change lanes safely – all features that make driving a pleasure.

Another feature in this Golf R that I loved was the KESSY Keyless entry system. This means that the car recognises when you’re close so that you don’t have to scratch in your handbag for your car key (another safety feature), My Golf R was also fitted with a Discover Pro Navigation system and Adaptive Cruise Control with front assist and emergency braking system.

A really cool feature that I haven’t seen before is VW’s Mobile phone interface ‘Comfort’ with inductive charging function


What this means is that you can place your cellphone next to you in the front of the car, and it automatically chargescable-free! And thanks to the inductive aerial connection, it features first-rate voice quality – so you can talk freely and easily on the road.

Service and warranty details

Warranty & Service
Warranty 3 years /120 000km
Service Plan 5 years / 90 000km
Service interval 15 000km

The price

Price as standard: R676 000 (this means that most of the features mentioned above are standard but there are a few options that you will pay extra for).

AllWomen editor Sasha Wyatt-Minter drove the Golf R 2.0 TSI DSG® for a week for review purposes.

Golf R 2.0 TSI


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