It is no secret that going on safari can be rather expensive, especially if you choose to travel during the winter season…

The months of June to August are considered most favourable for game viewing because the bush is less dense and animals tend to gather around the remaining water sources. It is also a preferred time of year for international visitors who are looking to travel during their summer break, so the demand for accommodation is much higher.

Take advantage of off-peak season

Although it is a lot easier to spot animals in the winter months, you should never let this steer you away from travelling during the off-peak season. The bushveld is ever changing but the safari experience to be had and the wildlife to be seen remain a constant.

With many travellers under the impression that game viewing is poor in the summer months, there tends to be more availability at lodges and camps than the rest of the year.

The “Green Season” is perfect for travellers who frequently go on safari and are looking for a different perspective, or those safari goers with a specific budget. In the Green Season, you can expect to save as much as 30-50% off regular accommodation rates but still enjoy the same level of service and a safari experience with fewer crowds.

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Caprivi region of Namibia

Dawn and dusk game drives offer unique animal viewing opportunities

The bush transforms into a lush green landscape and late afternoons generally bring with them a dramatic thunderstorm, offering recourse from the heat of the day. As most luxury lodges are positioned within private conservancies, guides have the advantage of driving off-road, allowing for up-close encounters with wildlife that may have wandered deep into the bush.

Game drives generally take place at dawn and dusk when temperatures are cooler and animals are not yet hiding from the sun. It may take a little longer to find animals but it’s definitely an adventure worth taking.

Thunderstorms on the Masai Mara

Prime time bird watching!

If you love bird watching then the Green Season is one of the best times to visit the African reserves, with migrant species present and seen breeding or rearing their young.

Flamingos migrating


Top destinations to consider in the Green Season include Cape Town, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Victoria Falls, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Each African country is different and offers an array of thrilling activities to choose from throughout the year.