Despite the sunny, blue skies and often pleasant temperatures, there’s no denying that winter is just about here – that early morning and evening chill in the air is a dead giveaway for what’s about to hit us…

And while living in South Africa means that our winters are moderate by comparison and we still see plenty of sun, we do get a fair amount of cold to contend with, and if you’re living in a place like Joburg, that chill is real – as is that super dry air.

This means that we may still get to enjoy outdoor living (yay for summer rainfall!), but it also means that our skin and hair take a beating. Thankfully, as always, there are products to help us make it through relatively unscathed, and here are a few of our top picks.

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Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel and Soothing Cream

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The Serra range from Lamelle is formulated to help with dry and sensitive skin, and often these problems really flare up in the colder months. The products focus on balancing the skin’s pH levels, calming and soothing inflamed skin, preventing further irritation and moisturising skin.

The gel face wash is also a great moisturising alternative to a foaming wash in the colder months. We also love that the range is free from all those pesky fragrances, preservatives and colourants. If you struggle with dry skin, definitely give the range a try!

Oh-Lief Natural Olive Heel Balm

Our feet take quite the beating in the winter months, and because they’re tucked away in comfy wooly slippers or thick socks and boots, they get pretty neglected. They rarely get a chance to be free and ‘breathe’, and those regular pedis become a thing of the past. Oh-Lief’s heel balm will revive dry and cracked feet thanks to the olive, tea tree, lime and avocado oils. Added bonus: the foot massage you convince your significant other to give you when applying the balm!

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

If you use soap to wash your body, you’ll definitely want to switch that out during the dry winter months, and you may even want to consider swapping your usual shower gel for a more moisturising cream one. Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is gentle and moisturising, and the new formula ensures smooth, soft skin after just a couple of washes. Bring it on!

Nivea Shower Oil

For real dry skin emergencies, you can’t beat this genius, ultra-moisturising product. You can use Nivea Shower Oil instead of shower gel or soap, but it leaves your skin feeling soft and incredibly moisturised – as if you’ve just used body lotion. It will save you time and it smells great. What’s not to love?

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask

Dry, dehydrated skin is just one problem with winter skin; it also tends to look dull and tired. Enter L’Oreal’s fabulous Pure Clay Detox Mask [hyperlink:  ], which exfoliates the skin, while drawing out impurities, thanks to the charcoal, and reviving your face. The creamy formula adds extra moisture, giving you smooth, glowing skin.

Hey Gorgeous Coconut Hair Oil

We often forget about our hair, but it too takes a beating during winter. This hair-saving Hey Gorgeous Coconut Hair Oil treatment will bring back shine, life and moisture to your tresses, and with the added vitamin E and chamomile oil, your hair will be oh-so grateful.

African Extracts Tissue Oil

When in doubt, a tissue oil is the perfect product to use on your dry, dehydrated and dreary-looking skin. African Extracts Multi-Purpose Tissue Oil can be used on your face, body and hair, and since it’s non-greasy and filled with amazing vitamins and minerals to help with just about every skin problem, it’s a must-have for every handbag or beauty cupboard.

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