There’s more to cheating than just sex or sleeping with women

Disclaimer: Not all men are cheaters. And not all women are faithful either. It take ‘two to tango’ – and we know that there are many good men out there! This article focuses on the men who are cheaters…

When it comes to cheating, shared knowledge denotes that men usually cheat out of a need for sex. Even scientists proved this saying several years ago.

But recently a psychotherapist named Gary Numan, along with his colleagues, gained popularity when they claimed that sex is not the only reason men cheat – and that many men actually cheat because they experience a lack of emotional support.

Here are five reasons (other than sex) why men cheat…

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5 Reasons why men cheat

1. They are liars

Commitment is easy, but respect it is also necessary. Many men never intend to be monogamous, despite their commitments. These men struggle to understand and appreciate the vows of fidelity – and instead of sharing the love with their partner only, they take monogamy as something to be worked around, rather than embraced.

2. They are immature

Men think that as long as their partners don’t find out about the affair, they are able to ‘live in the moment’ – with no second thought given to the pain they might be causing their partner!

3. They are insecure

Insecurity can be related to anything; from a man’s height to his perception of himself in relation to his peers; like is he educated enough, does he earn enough? And those men who struggle with insecurity use extramarital sex as a way to feel better about themselves.

4. They are confused about love

Love binds people. But in the modern age, relationships often become a game. Men delve into relationships, carelessly – without any thought of the gravity of long-term attachments and commitment.

5. They are damaged

Men who have gone through traumatic experiences are more likely to cheat because they struggle to give their full commitment to another person.

Wrapping it up…

The bottom line is that; cheaters never fully get what they want – which is a clean getaway – because infidelity is nearly always exposed, and when that happens it inevitably comes with devastatingly painful consequences.