We all know we need to eat healthier. How many of us are guilty of packing the fridge with healthy vegetables – and then leaving them until they look wilted and soggy?

We can’t guarantee you’ll eat your greens in the end, of course. But with this nifty tip you will at least keep your refrigerated veggies in a more palatable state!

It couldn’t be simpler, either.

Line the veggie drawer with a damp (not dripping) microfiber cloth, and check it every few days

Half the adverse effects of refrigeration occur because the veggies dry out while in the fridge.

This is actually why you will see water drops begin to cling to plastic-packed leaves… the cold is drawing the moisture out the food into the fridge. Counter-intuitive, but true!

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The veggie crisper drawer was actually invented in order to reduce this effect, so make sure your veggies don’t sneak onto the main fridge shelves either. Keep them towards the front of the fridge, too

With a little extra dampness in the ‘air’ around them, your veggies will keep their own moist crispiness for longer.