It’s no secret that wearing different textures in an outfit can give your look some oomph. But this season there are five key textures to add to your winter wardrobe…

Combining different textures in your look gives it visual appeal and depth. But not all textures are created equal! We’ve rounded up our top five textures to give your winter wardrobe a definite edge.

Reach for the knits

This one is a bit of a no-brainer considering that it’s winter, but knits are the number one texture of the season. Whether you opt for a chunkier version or a softer rib, anything goes. Fluffier knits that have a mohair look are super trendy in 2019, plus they’re super cosy and warm.

Love up the leather look

Add a luxe touch to your look by opting for leathery looking pieces. This goes for clothing and accessories too. So reach for a leather jacket or boots to finish off your outfit. The good news is that you can further enhance the look by opting for pieces that feature bold detailing such as zips and studs.

How to wear leather without looking like a biker

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Say yes to suede

Smooth, soft and oh so chic, suede is a fabulous winter texture. Go for richer hues such as burgundy and chocolate brown to showcase the texture perfectly. You can also elevate the look by choosing items that boast a dual texture or fringed accents.

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Consider corduroy

Cords are definitely a retro look, but this season you can go for an updated take by selecting bold colours and pieces. For example, a brightly coloured dress or jacket.

Viva la velvet

If you want to create a rich and luxurious winter look, then velvet has to be your go-to. The look works well on everything from dresses and coats to shoes and handbags. Choose rich colours like deep red, emerald green and bold blue to enhance the look.

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