We all get stuck in a rut – whether it’s our hair, the style of our pants or our make-up…

It’s tempting to stick to tried and tested looks, even if they are really no longer fashionable. Remember bright blue eye shadow?

As the old saying goes, a change is as good as a holiday. So why not try these easy DIY hacks from the laundry care experts at Skip Washing Powder to update your look – without having to spend a cent?

Let go of the messy bun

Don’t get us wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with a messy bun on a busy day. But how often has this become your default hairdo?

Skip the bun today and try out a plait, a high-pony, or even just leave your hair down. Grab some styling products you have lying around to give your hair a bit more volume. Whatever you do, try something different. You never know what you might discover.

Make-up tutorials

There are so many new techniques you can use to achieve different looks, using the make-up you already have at home. Just go online and watch a few make-up tutorials to get some fresh ideas. You’d be amazed at what you’ll learn. A new face is a new you!

Roll-up your cuffs

According to many stylists, most of us wear long-sleeved shirts and pants that are too long for us. So why not roll up the cuffs of your pants and long-sleeved shirts? The rule of thumb for shirts is to roll the cuffs to mid-forearm, just before the bend of your elbow. With pants, you should aim for a roll-up to your ankle, or slightly above it. You will not believe what a simple adjustment like this could make to refresh your entire look.

Play around with styles

If you come across a specific fashion trend you love, check your cupboard for items that could work to recreate it. Many people think that in order to be stylish you have to be rich enough to afford big brand clothes.

Not true. Most fashionistas and stylists swear by bargain-hunting and second-hand shopping. It’s not about what clothes you have but HOW you put them together. Chances are you already have the makings of some great looks lurking in your cupboard; you just need to rethink how you combine these items to create a fresh style that you may not have considered before. Be brave!

For more fashion inspiration, visit Skip’s Three Word Wardrobe now.

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