So the memories of our seaside holiday in the sun are fast fading – as are our golden tans…

The fact is: winter is fast approaching as it does every year. Do we hear a few groans out there? Well, winter is here to stay, so we may just as well make the most of it – starting right now.

Let’s begin with the preparations. Have you hauled the electric blankets out? Are they ready, dusted and on the beds for that first cold spell? If you have a fireplace, do you have a woodpile handy to light the evening fire?

Essential winter skincare

Now that all that is done, skincare is equally important in the harsh winter weather. This is where Dove products come to the rescue to help protect your skin to prevent cracks and chapped skin that, if untreated, could invite infections.

A soothing body lotion such as Purely Pampering Shea Butter Body Lotion is ideal for applying after each shower. Or, if you have really become attached to that glorious golden tan, you may want to consider Dove Dermaspa Summer Revived Self Tanning Body Lotion for fair to medium skin – to keep your memories going – and your skin as soft to the touch as the summer air.

While you’re at it, why not keep some effective hand cream in your handbag to prevent rough hands from developing during this time. You will be especially grateful after having ploughed your way through a pile of morning dishes.

So bring on the winter. We’re determined to have heaps of soft and smooth skin fun!