There’s nothing like cooking and relaxing in a house to make it feel like your home…

But what exactly is it that makes a house a home? Is it the cost of your furniture? Or something much more meaningful like the display of your children’s primary school photos in the lounge that adds a personal touch and makes you say, “I’m proud of my home”?

If you feel like certain areas of your home could do with a bit of “something-nyana” to make it feel more cosy, then here are a few ideas to give you a head-start that are not expensive at all:

Rearrange the furniture

Moving around your couches and swapping around your display unit can make a huge difference. You never know – what you’ve felt was missing in your lounge could have just been a piece of furniture that “didn’t fit there”.

Display art

Art can be anything! It can be a doily that you or a family member made, an “I love you mum” card you received on Mother’s Day a year ago or a painting or drawing one of your children made. Whatever is colourful and represents your family, have it displayed around your house – it will definitely add that ‘homey’ feeling.

Use household products you love

No, we’re not talking about the pine gel your friend told you to try. We’re talking about household products YOU love, and TRUST.

When you use products that you believe in, it helps you to feel confident about the way you clean your home. Products like Domestos Thick Bleach have been around and trusted by millions for years and can mean the difference between you shining or swearing while you keep your home spotless. Remember, if your home is always clean, it makes you feel good, as well as making the home look good to others.

Arrange flowers

Whether you pick them from a garden or place pot plants in your home, they definitely add to the scenery and can make your home more inviting. But if you can’t afford these and still want that fresh look, purchase artificial flowers and place them in your home – it’s hard to tell the difference!

These minor alterations really don’t have to be expensive. Decorate your home as you please and soon you’ll feel much more comfortable and relaxed in your home.


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