These pampered pets are living their best lives in posh homes we wouldn’t mind moving into ourselves.

No one really knows what our pets think or what they get up to when no one is home. We may be curious about the secret lives of our pets but never did we imagine we would be envious of the lifestyles of these furry citizens.

It isn’t just celebrities who are pampering their fur babies with extravagant homes and furniture fit for an upmarket home, everyday people are also raising glamorous pets of all kinds. Do you think these pampered pets enjoy their fancy lifestyles as much as we think they do?

The Hilton’s doggy mansion

When they aren’t hanging out in an oversized bag and dodging the paparazzi, Paris Hilton’s pampered pooches are living it up in their double story, air-conditioned mansion. Scroll through the images below to see the dogs enjoying their designer furniture and tiny balcony.

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Trendy minimalist pooch

So it’s not a mansion, but this doggy palace is a minimalist’s dream. Complete with its own succulent garden this tiny house looks just like a modern apartment.

Fit for a queen

The terms and conditions for having your own room and stylish couch probably include wearing little outfits and spending some time in a bag, but it is definitely worth it.

The hamsters of Instagram

If you’re literally a handful and spend most of your day running on a wheel, you deserve a nice place to relax. A home decorated with stylish wallpaper that matches your sophisticated tastes and a couch that fits your love for comfort – what more could a hamster want?

Frida’s Hacienda

Not only does this little kitty get to be named after one of the world’s most famous artists, but she also gets to live in a miniature version of her house too. Give that cat a paintbrush and a pen; living in that little house alone must inspire creative genius.