How often do you go out for coffee dates?

How often do you tend to go out for coffee? It may be with work colleagues, friends, family members or even on blind dates. Making coffee dates a regular outing can make you pile on the calories, especially if you are indulging in decadent sweet treats or savouries (which most of us tend to do!) at the same time.

What do you consume when out for coffee dates?

Adding ingredients such as full-cream milk and sugar can boost the caloric level of your coffee. Start reducing the amount of these ingredients if you tend to add too much.

Consider turning your coffee date into a lunch or even brunch date. Try as far as possible to keep it healthy. For example, you could have a nutritious toasted whole-wheat sandwich that is filled with chicken or tuna and mayonnaise, with a salad on the side. Avoid the high calorie deep fried potato chips and opt for grilled sweet potato fries instead. Similarly, aim to cut down on the high sugar and fat treats or desserts as these foods can make your calorie count rocket!

Cut down or give it up to keep the weight down

Limiting the number of coffee dates that you go on can help you to keep the calories down too. So if you tend to get together with your friends several times weekly, try cutting down to just one or two times a week.

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Consider catching up by going for a walk in the park or whilst sightseeing. In fact, these activities will help to burn calories instead of piling them on. It is definitely worth giving it a try!

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