You’ve heard about superfans, but this one takes it to a whole other level!

Former model Jennifer Pamplona has spent $500,000 (that’s over R7m fam!) to look like her beauty idol – Kim Kardashian.

The Brazilian born brunette has had over 30 surgeries (including removing EIGHT ribs) to look like the reality star. She famously even underwent nine surgeries in 24 hours for a TV show a few years ago.



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Jennifer told media, “I realise after a long time that my plastic surgery was an addiction”.

Go figure!

What makes this tale even more twisted is that Jennifer’s late partner Celso Santebanes died during his quest to look like a ‘Human Ken Doll’

PICTURED: Jennifer with Celso Santebanes, known as the Brazilian Human Ken Doll


Strange but true! Take a look at some of the procedures she’s had done (and let us know after all this if you think she achieved her goal in looking anything like Mrs Kardashian-West)


 TWO Breast augmentations


 EIGHT Butt lifts



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There’s more! See what other surgical procedures this Kim K superfan underwent…