Next time they’re at a party or restaurant, skip the fries!

Kids need to understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle from young, and it’s you, the parents, who need to ensure that gets done early.

Here are some ways to keep the kids healthy when eating out (we all know how sour that can go!):

  • Next time they’re at a party or a restaurant, skip the fries. Instead add a side dish of roasted potatoes or vegetables to their meal.
  • Control their sugar intake. It can be hard to stay away from the sweet table at parties. Teach them how to enjoy, not binge. Depriving them of sugar at home could lead to a disaster when out, so instead allow them to have some sweets or chocolates, but in moderation.
  • Avoid fizzy cold drinks as well as juices. Order them some still or sparkling water instead – restrict extra, unnecessary calories. Plus, the dentist budget will thank you.
  • Watch portion size – of everything. Stick to the kids’ menu or go for the smallest option. If there is too much on their plate, they will indulge.
  • Opt for chicken and vegetables in a sit-down restaurant, rather than a pizza or cheeseburger.


Our moods get affected by what we eat, and children are no different. A healthy child is a happy child (and that means a very happy mom and dad, too).

Experts share the following helpful information:

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  • Goodbye processed foods: A diet high in processed foods such as fried food, sweet desserts, sugary snacks, refined flour and cereals can increase the risk of anxiety and depression in kids
  • Keep the colddrinks away: According to reports, kids who drink four or more cups of colddrink or sweetened fruit drinks a day – including diet versions – have a higher risk of depression
  • No more caffeine: Caffeine from colddrinks, energy drinks, or coffee drinks can trigger anxiety in kids and aggravate feelings of depression